The Awareness for Research and Development

Discussion Agenda

The Awareness for Research and Development (AWRAD) has put together a number of research topics which they are important and necessary in the coming stage to achieve their vision, philosophy, and objectives. In addition, this contributes to spreading cultural awareness among broad sectors of the Arab public and those interested in Arab affairs. The treatment of these topics come in turn after maturity and completion by specialists.

The highlighted themes of these topics are as follows:

The Cultural Theme:

Encompassing the awareness for the needs of Individuals and society in the following fields:

  • Discussing cultural issues
  • Media
  • Human rights
  • Environment and nature
  • Globalization
  • Ancestral heritage
  • Contemporary culture exchange
  • Sources of knowledge
  • Absorption of knowledge
  • Productively participating in influencing culture and developing society.

The Artistic Theme:

This explores the most important current events affecting the impact of awareness for TV, films, cartoons and literature. As well as the types of media platforms along with their genres, purposes, cast and crew, and demographic.

The Historical Theme:

Finally, this theme deals with the issues of documenting recent historical events in all the possible perspectives.

Surrounding this topic are other various fields that AWRAD will also be exploring:

  • The process of recording history.
  • Methods of scientific documentation.
  • The relation of history to other sciences.
  • The most important historical encyclopedias.
  • The abstracts of historical literature.
  • The effect of history on languages, religion, and society development.
  • Historical figures.
  • The complications of writing history.
  •  The effect history has on the general public knowledge, opinion, and belief.
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