Objectives of the Foundation:

1- The Foundation shall establish a unit to document and chronicle the events that the Arab world and the Middle East have undergone since the beginning of the twenty-first century.

2- The Foundation shall sponsor a project for the preparation of a knowledge Wikipedia in Arabic that will also be translated into other languages ​​as appropriate according to the subject’s nature.

3- The Foundation shall provide specialized repositories in all fields.

4 – The Foundation shall codify concepts and terms of specific significance in order to clarify these linguistically and conceptually; and avoid ambiguity and misunderstanding.

5- The Foundation shall prepare a translation project in accordance with its intellectual outlook as best practice for raising awareness and outreach between civilisations.

6 – The Foundation shall establish a research unit for comparative studies to monitor the phenomena of knowledge of any kind – economic, political or cultural… and how they develop in human societies.

7- The Foundation shall be concerned with the production of radio, drama and film pieces that deepen awareness, enlighten the mind and strengthen shared human values.

8- The Foundation shall provide training services in cooperation with universities, specialist and vocational centres.

9 – The Foundation shall conduct various studies – surveys, descriptive and analytical.

10- The Foundation shall provide consultancy and expertise to community institutions whilst being proactive in matters where it excels whether in terms of knowledge, practical experience or training.

11- The Foundation shall build constructive and professional relations with researchers and beneficiaries as well as with the society as a whole and all its institutions.

أهداف المؤسسة:

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