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A Book Summary.. Fire and Fury

With a smile that combines sarcasm and naivete and in a traditional suit barely changed, the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, holds a red book of a pale portrait of US President Donald Trump, while the latter is waging a wide-ranging offensive against the book and its author, accusing him of dementia, lying, financing and espionage in some other cases.

“Fire and Fury” is the title of an exciting book by the American journalist Michael Wolff, revealing some of the secrets of President Trump’s presidential White House. He focused on exposing Trump’s personality since his campaign to be crowned as the head of the United States of America through a series of more than 200 exclusive interviews conducted with senior staff In the White House and other personnel close to Trump and his family.

The Election Game

The book has sparked an unprecedented wave of controversy, and has received extraordinary attention around the world, to re-energize the dialogue investigative press journalism based on interviews and raise the eyebrows of thousands of followers of the US in the controversial Trumpy era which is full of uncertainty and doubts. This author book was considered as the final nail in Donald Trump’s throne.

The book takes an escalating sequence of events, starting with Trump announcing his intention to run for presidency. Wolf’s revealed the refusal of Trump’s old friend and former Fox News executive Roger Eugene Ailes to accept being the leader of the Trump election campaign. Ailes justified his decision saying that the Orange -haired man “does not have a political point of view or a solid ground on which to base political action. Moreover, he is not qualified to participate in any political program in the country.”

Wolff says that, just a week after Ailes’s refusal, Steve Bannon accepted this impossible mission, with the help of consultant Sam Nunberg, an adviser to Trump Republican’s presidential campaign. Nunberg once asked Trump a question one day: Why do you want to be President of America? Trump replied: To become the most popular famous guy in the world!

 To Lose Is Preferred

According to Woolf, Trump himself wanted the presidential conflict rivalry to end with the announcement of his rival Hillary Clinton as president. Trump’s entry into the race was purely economic, which made Wolff assert that Trump believed that “the loss would be a big gain, both in popularity and commercial branding. In addition, his daughter Ivanka, and her husband Jared Kushner, will be transferred from unknown wealthy people to world celebrities and brand ambassadors.”

But the most exciting point in the book was what Wolff revealed about the recognition of “Jerusalem as the capital of Israel” plot that Trump planned since his first moment of presidency to the country. The author reports on Trump’s inauguration dinner that Trump was in power when Roger Ailes told Banon, a colleague in the election campaign: “The flamboyant billionaire realizes his new agenda as a right-winger in power.” He pointed out that transferring the American embassy to Jerusalem aims to rally  Israel’s support for his policies from the first day; adding that the Israeli billionaire Sheldon Adelson is the most economic supporter of Trump.

The Idiot

Speaking of financial backers, Wolff reveals that “Trump Tower” was the place where he managed his campaign, and held in his parties wherein he was described as the clown among the rich and celebrities. Another interesting point was the extreme attention to invite the Emperor of media, right-wing billionaire Rupert Murdoch. However, Trump was horribly wronged by inviting a high level delegation from the global technology group of multinational technological companies Apple, Facebook and Google. In their presence, he revealed his indignation of the technology industry during the reign of Obama. This prompted Murdoch to call him a fool, saying: “For eight years, these were Obama’s men. They don’t need your help!”

The first night

As for the first night for Trump in the White House, it was very strange. Trump asked to be in his own bedroom and asked for a separate room for his wife Melania Mangue. This is the first time where the President and his wife are in two separate rooms.

What was even more weird was that Trump ordered that the door to his office be closed and that no one enters the room while he is inside. This has caused a problem between him and members of the President’s personal security officers, who have asserted that they had the right to enter his room at any time to carry out their security duties.

The new Trump rules in the White House, included that nobody touches anything that belongs to him even if it is his toothbrush. This has led him to berate a maid in on one occasion when she picked up his shirt from the floor saying: “If my shirt was on the ground, it is because I want it there so that is what I want.”


Wolff accuses Trump of being childish in his acts. He confirms this claim by Trump’s tendency to take things personally. For example, dismissing James Comey, the former director of the FBI, Trump wanted to undermine Comey so he met with a number of Russian personalities including the Russian ambassador. Unfortunately, Trump revealed confidential and important information obtained by the United States concerning the smuggling of explosives into laptops in airplanes. Trump told them “too much”, and this incident damaged Trump’s reputation in intelligence circles, prompting Comey to comment on the event by saying: “He’s trump!”

The Riyadh Summit Backstage

Wolff also revealed the backstage of Trump’s role in the dramatic changes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia structure. First, Prince Mohamed bin Salman was invited to visit the White House. Trump was then invited to visit Riyadh. Both sides showed a strong and special relationship with each other and made mutual promises, coupled with a series of financial deals and announcements. Trump was impressed and talked a lot about those deals before his trip to Riyadh. He said Saudi Arabia would make huge deals worth $ 110 billion and $ 350 billion over 10 years.

The book deals with the legendary treatment and welcome to Trump and his family in Riyadh. They were given special treatment of royalty, moving in gold golf carts, and having a $ 75 million party in honour of the American president. According to Wolff, this led to serious repercussions on the disruption of inter-Gulf relations. When it was announced that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef has stepped down in favour of Mohammed bin Salman, Trump was telling his friends that he and his assistants have engineered the game, adding: “We’ve put our man at the top.”

Mad Family

This fateful meeting was one of the biggest disasters in the Trump administration. All the statements that denied Trump’s cooperation with the Russians during the election campaign had become meaningless. The White House team regarded Trump as a liar, when they discovered that he was aware of that meeting despite his denial in the past.

Wolff says that Trump family is crazy! To impress his father, Donald Junior held one of the most dangerous serious meetings in modern American politics. He met with prominent Russian personalities and who promised to give him information that was harmful to Hilary Clinton, Trump’s election opponent in the presidential election. This was followed by a political scandal for President Trump a year later which he could not get rid of until today. It made his opponents accuse him of complicity with the Russians to influence the election results.

This fateful meeting was one of the biggest disasters in the Trump administration. All the statements that denied Trump’s cooperation with the Russians during the election campaign had become meaningless. The White House team regarded Trump as a liar, when they discovered that he was aware of that meeting despite his past denials.

Wolff sees no one rational about Trump, except for his daughter Ivanka, who suddenly finds herself surrounded by a series of tough economic laws that restrict The White House members, if they move away from the palace of her father little by little, because she believes – as her father taught her – that business is more lasting than politics.

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