Editorial policy of the site

  • The “AWRAD” website is an important communication channel for the foundation. It is one of the platforms of cognitive and academic disciplines aiming to achieve public benefit and to spread awareness and knowledge.
  • The published materials are subject to sector-specific screening policy. The peer-reviewed publishing policy in the journal has its own rules and conditions whereas publishing in the blogs has its own different rules as described.
  • The text of any published article and its supporting elements (including images, graphics, codes and reports, innovations and designs) are all subject to intellectual property rights.
  • Links posted on the website, whether related to individuals or entities, are not under the control of the management of the website. Any change in their content or policy is the sole responsibility of the publisher of these external links or websites.
  • The website aims to disseminate knowledge content and make it available for site visitors without violating the intellectual property rights of the individuals or entities in accordance with internationally accepted standards.
  • The website reserves the right to archive content by removing, retaining, developing or disposing its content in all sorts.
  • The website calls for cultural and cognitive communication among all human beings on the basis of equality and human dignity, renounces sectarian and religious conflicts and ethnic and political knowledge and discusses its cognitive and historical outcomes in an objective and neutral framework.
  • The website maintains basic human rights, including the right to knowledge and education without discrimination between cultures, civilizations, religions or sects.
  • The website will delete any form of abuse, threats or incitement.
  • The content published in the website does not reflect the viewpoint of site management but expresses the alleged addressees/authors.
  • The need to edit the source and the link in the case of publishing as well as documenting/ citing others based on the approved website standards.
  • The site uses the official full names for countries or officials using their commonly or internationally official or legal titles and names.
  • Those who want to advertise, must communicate with the website management first.
  • Arabic-language publishing is done on the Arabic version of the website where the British English is used in the English version of the website. “Franco-Arabic” codes are not acceptable in any of the website cognitive venues.
  • Users should unify Arabic and English fonts, standardize the font size and the main title, avoid underlining of words and limiting that to the links. Simplifying lines and colours is essential in order to facilitate the readers’ access and attention to the text, images and drawings, and to pave the way for discussions.
  • Do not be subjected to personal or private matters or others’ claims.
  • Providing any training or research services is the sole responsibility of the website management based on its declared programs and any personal dealings is outside the scope of the work of the Foundation.
  • The terms of participation in the topics/ articles (writing a topic for the website) include the author’s permission to share his/ her real name and a short biography. The website does not allow ambiguous symbols for contributors. Posted articles are subject to review. The name of the participant is also subject to review. The published material is documented in the authentication method adopted by the website. The website maintains the right not to publish shared articles/ contributions based on its own discretion.

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