Vision, Mission and Values

Our Aim:

The foundation should establish uniquely individual internal units in response to societal needs and evolution. This is in order to enhance general knowledge and nurture a deeper awareness of culture and the arts throughout all levels of society and not just for the elite. Examples would include units for archiving and documentation, for strategic studies, for social research, for polling public opinion, for printing and publication and for literature and the arts.


A holistic vision striving to better human civilization in the 21st Century in order that all may live in the best way possible based on shared humanitarian values and principles.


The foundation aims to be involved with all appropriate target audiences and output formats that may viably be achieved. These include: research, books, studies, periodic and stand-alone publications, strategic reports, documents, manuscripts, blogs, statistical reports and specialized encyclopedias as well as films and serial dramas. It will also be possible for the foundation to publish its aims via conferences, seminars, open discussion forums, exhibitions, and delivering all these by way of audio-visual means in order to facilitate information transfer.

The Foundation’s Charter

The Foundation publishes and monitors facts, with due consideration for specialism. Issues are dealt with objectively in a way that champions humanitarian values whilst taking intellectual diversity into account.


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